The story of my trip to Finland from Indonesia

Visa to Finland

Part of the story of my trip to Finland is absolutely the visa. As Indonesian, I find that it’s not that easy to apply and to get a schengen visa . I have to submit additional documents to apply for a visa to Finland e.g. receipt of salary, an employment contract, reference letter from my employer as a guarantee of return, bank statement from me and also my sponsor. These documents seem just for reassurance that I won’t look for a job in Finland especially illegally. Well, of course I don’t. I came to Finland for the love of my life!

Flight to Finland :

Flight from Jakarta to Singapore

I went by Finnair for my trip to Finland. My departure was from Jakarta to Singapore by Garuda Indonesia, then continued by Finnair from Singapore to Helsinki, Finland. It was a bit of drama when I arrived in Jakarta airport. I went there earlier as I had a plan to take time to call my friends and family before my long flight, I also wanted to spend my Indonesian phone credit. But when I arrived 2 hours before my flight schedule, Garuda’s stewardess asked me to go with the flight that was going to boarding in 15 minutes. Such shocking news! I didn’t have so much time to call my friends and family. I was in a hurry in the baggage check until boarding. Another disappointment was my meal on Garuda flight was not vegetarian as I had ordered. I guess it was because the sudden flight changing was the reason there was no vegetarian meal on flight. Ah well…at least I arrived safely in Singapore 🙂

Flight from Singapore to Helsinki

My flight with Finnair was pretty good. I like that the airplane is big, clean and the stewards/stewardesses were very helpful. My meals for dinner and breakfast were vegetarian. It was exactly as I had ordered and it was yummy too! My trip to Finland was very long. The flight from Singapore to Helsinki was 12 hours. Even though I experienced motion sickness, I felt so satisfied flying with Finnair. I arrived in Helsinki the next morning exactly on schedule. Right on time!

On arrival, I had to go through immigration to answered few questions and gave some documents e.g. passport, invitation letter and copy of airplane return tickets. The immigration officer was nice. I went out to the arrival gate T2 where the love of my life greeted me with a kiss! So happy! 😀