Sundown circle with Gilles Peterson

Dec 5, 2015 | Indonesia | 4 comments

It was an amazing Sunday in Potato Head Beach Club Bali for celebrating Sun Down Circle first anniversary. My first time to listen this kind of music from Gilles Peterson. It sounded weird for the very first time I listened to it, but I enjoyed it at last.

I just discovered that Gilles is quite famous DJ from UK. I’m always excited to know famous people from around the world. I think, become well-known worldwide doing what we passionate about shows dedication and hard work. And that’s sexy thing!

Esther AriestaFor me, Gilles music sounds like lounge music, light but it mixes with jazz and another music from various countries. It’s quite unique. I suggest you to check out his SoundCloud or his YouTube channel to listen. I hope Gilles will upload the music he played in this event on his channel so I can listen to it again.

This event was on 29th November 2015 when the weather in Bali was still sunny. There was no ticket to buy, we only bought first drink charge for only 100k. I drank vodka and orange juice. It’s soooo light, it felt like all orange juice in my throat 😀

[pullquote]A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.[/pullquote]Regret that I didn’t bring my swimsuit though. It would be perfect enjoying Gilles music by the pool. Oh by the way, can you recognise me on the photo above? 😉

Photo credit : Nadine Maulida.

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen


Esther is a vegan and strives to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  1. nurul

    Jiiiah, makkk….

    I like the sundown too
    Why the photos taken from far? Thats make I can not recognise you 🙂

    • estherariesta

      Hi mak Nurul…
      Let’s come here in Bali and enjoying the sundown!

      Will take more and more photos since now 😀
      Thank you for visiting my blog 😉

  2. riatumimomor

    you are the one wearing black dress? 🙂

    • Esther

      Yeah! Black dress and blond hair 😀 Soo sorry just reply.


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