Why you should say I love you everyday?

It is very common for couples in their new relationships to say I love you to their partners. It happens usually in the beginning of relationship or marriage where both man and woman compete to say I love you and I love you more. However, it is rare for a couple to keep saying I love you after few years later. What is the importance of saying I love you? Why you should say I love you everyday? 

Love is a product of our efforts. Love is like a fruit or flower of a tree. It does not grow unless we water it everyday. So it is with love. We have to keep love alive by saying it to someone we love.

Some people agreed that love is an action. What we say is meaningless if we do not do the loving things to our partner. It has to be balance of what we say versus what we do.

I take a love story of Indonesian female blogger, Rahmah Chemist. She is a famous blogger from Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. On her blog IstanaCinta.com, she wrote her habit to say I love you every single day to her husband. Her husband also  call her “love” everyday. For some people it sounds too much and perhaps meaningless, but she believes, that is one key to keep the spark in her marriage life. It reminds her and her husband that there is someone who loves them. It helps to strengthen their love.

If you love someone, say it! We cannot let love die. 

There are some words you can use to show your love to your partner other than saying I love you :

1. You’re not only hot, you are present and that is what matters.

2. I love you more and more.

3. I love the way you make me (or us) smile/laugh/happy.

4. I love not only your body, but your fabulous mind too.

5. I can’t stand anyone today, but I always want to spend time with you. No matter what.

6. I love watching you smile/read/be focused on something.

7. I love you more today than yesterday.

8. You look wonderful the way you are.

9. When I’m in your arms, I literally melt. It’s deeper than a physical connection.

10. I profoundly love you, respect and appreciate you.

Do you have another words to say I love you to your loved ones?