Raise your standard and live them

December 19, 2015

Having a new year’s resolution means you resolve and want to change any areas in your life. If you want to change your life you have to raise your standard and live them.

Think about it : lasting change is different with a goal. You don’t always get your goal, but you always get your standard. Because everybody in life gets their must, they don’t get their should. For example : I should work out more, I should  lose weight, I should more discipline, I should make more calls…whatever. 

[pullquote]Whatever what you really want. Wants don’t get met consistently, standards do.[/pullquote]. People love to have their should-less it is like their new year’s resolution if it does it will be exciting but if it doesn’t a little disappoint but you are kind of know it’s not going to happen.

But if you decide something is a must for you. An absolute must. You cut off any possibility. You say : I am gonna find the way or I am gonna make the way.

Human beings when they resolve things, they make real resolution inside themselves which they raise their standard they make it a must, they find a way.

Think about in your own life. Do you have any areas in your life, when you say no more, you are not going to be back and your life never be the same?

And when should become a must, you never going back. And it doesn’t take any willpower anymore. When we make something a must, we attach to it. It becomes part of our identity. Human being absolutely follow trough who they believe they are. Because we are consistent with who we believe we are.

For example : I really have to work hard to stop smoking, but you know I’ve been smoking a whole of my life. You know I am a smoker, I know your days are number, you are going to be back as a smoker.

The strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent without define ourselves. If you define yourself as somebody who is really conservative you are not going to act crazy unless you are drunk and you can say the alcohol but it really just you find to get permission to be yourself , your alcohol is your excuse. If you are crazy person, you act crazy outrageous playful, you are not conservative because it’s not who you are.

People often say : “Well I am not that kind of person. ” Is that trueWhen did you define yourself? I mean really, how many years ago you come up with what you could and couldn’t do in your life?Most people, if they look at their life they living today is based on standard and set of beliefs that they make choices about 10, 20, 30 or more years ago. [pullquote]Very often we make decision in our youth or very young about what to believe, about what we capable of, about who we are as a person and that become the glass ceiling that control us.[/pullquote]

When did I decide to accept that limitation? You might not see that as limitation, you might see it’s just who I am. But so often in our life we adapted be in certain ways so that people like us or respect us. But it’s not necessary who we are. Joy comes when you are spontaneous. It’s hard to be truly happy without you being yourself. And most of us no clue who we are.

Do things spontaneously without thinking and that’s the real you shows up. That’s the energy comes alive. And when you do that, when you connect with your true nature suddenly there is such  energy to set higher standard of what you want in your life.

Whatever people live their identity, they attach to, they live. We live who we believe we are. It’s just how it works. For example, your physical body is a reflection not your goal, not your desire but your standard. The identity you have for yourself. If your standard is you are an athlete. You do what is necessary to maintain your identity. If you don’t know who you are, you won’t act. When you lock in that identity your brain finds a way to keep you there.

It’s not about changing your identity, it’s about expanding it. If you identify yourself in a new way and you own that everyday and that become the standard how you live you’ll find a way to make that standard real. [pullquote]Changing your life is changing your inner game.[/pullquote]

The outside world you can’t control, but you can control yourself if you learn the dynamics what shape you. An identity is one of those simple clear fundamental basic that you start shifted everything in your life start shifted as well.

Raise your standard and back up your standard to make it real with ritual. Ritual means action you do consistently. Little thing you do each day that you got so much momentum that easy to succeed, you are not overwhelm. You have the victory day after day after day on little things.

You conditioned your body and emotion with a couple of ritual, so it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your world, you feel that strengths, it is not fake. It comes from inside you and it works. Ritual define us. All the result in your life comes from rituals. They start with standard and ritual follows up.

For example : If you’re overweight, you have different ritual than if you are physically fit. If you have great passionate relationship, you have different ritual when you come home than when you have a lousy relationship.

Success and failure are not giant event. They don’t just showed up. You don’t suddenly fail. But failure comes from little thing. And success is not an overnight event, it comes from little thing. People are rewarded in public for they practice for years in private.

The only thing that make you feel happy is to step up. Is to raise your standard, to discover what you capable of. Feel that incredible power that pushing trough whatever holding you back and get to be other side of your true self. That’s the game all about.

It’s not what we get makes us happy, it’s who we become, and what we able to give by become more. That sounds like contribution that gives the deepest meaning.

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

Hello, I am Esther! An Indonesian woman who married a Finnish man and lives in Finland. I am a vegetarian and blogger. I have a Bachelor's degree in education and I am a certified trainer. In addition to helping people through blog posts, I also share some of my personal life here.
Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

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