Yesterday 31st of March was my birthday. My husband and I decided to spend one day in Helsinki Finland. We didn’t plan so much. I only looked at some pictures on Instagram about Helsinki. I found some interesting places and put it on my list. We went to Helsinki by train from Tampere. Our train departed at 9 am. We booked the tickets earlier so we got them cheaper. It was only 9,9 euro for one way for each person. We chose the seats for the allergic passengers on our way to Helsinki. I think the allergic seats are much more convenient when you go with your husband.

It took about two hours by train from Tampere to Helsinki. The train is very clean and has free WiFi connection too. I felt the trip was quick. We arrived in Helsinki and we went straightaway to Hard Rock cafe. We were there just before lunch time. There were not many people, so I had a good time to take some pictures with my husband.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

My husband was a bit hesitate if Hard Rock cafe provided vegetarian menu but YES! They have vegan burger and sandwich. I ordered a vegan sandwich, it was so yummy.

When we got our energy back from lunch, we started our sightseeing. I was impressed with the buildings around the city center. The buildings are huge and very artistic.

10 things to see in one day in Helsinki Finland:

1. Esplanadi park

You can enjoy the scenery of the Esplanadi area from the park. Sitting on the bench or having coffee in the coffee shops around the park. Here you can find also the sign “My Helsinki” where you can take a good shot to prove that you’ve been visiting Helsinki 🙂

One Day In Helsinki Finland

2. Helsinki Cathedral church

The area is on the senate square. Not much here but the building. There are many stairs, it’s perfect for summer.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

3. Presidential palace

On the way to the market square, you can see the presidential palace. The color is yellow. There were two soldiers guarding it.

4. Market square Kauppatori

The market is on the shore of the Baltic sea at the eastern end of Esplanadi. Here you can see ships and the beauty of the sea.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

5. Sibelius monument

The location is close to the sea. It makes the area of Sibelius monument very cold and windy. The best time to go here is probably in summer.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

6. Rock church

The church is made of the stone. It looks very artistic. Some people came here to pray, some of them including me just for sightseeing.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

7. Huvilakatu

It’s a romantic area consist of few houses with different colors. Perfect for taking some good pictures.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

8. Railway station area

Many shopping malls and brand stores around here.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

9. The tram

I was impressed with the tram system. It was my very first time to see it 😀 You can get a day pass for 9 euro from the driver. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. The tram makes a one day trip here easy.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

10. Hard Rock cafe

I went to Hard Rock cafe in Bali and in Phuket, so I wanted to see Hard Rock cafe in Helsinki too. Same as the other Hard Rock cafe, it feels very international. There is a shop downstairs and the restaurant is upstairs.

One Day In Helsinki Finland

I went back with the train at 10 pm. We sat in the normal seats. It was a fun experience to go for one day in Helsinki. I definitely will go back there for another trip.