Indonesian female blogger, Arinta Adiningtyas.

This time I have chance to get to know about Arinta Adiningtyas. She is a Mother, entrepreneur, writer and blogger originally from Purworejo, Middle of Java, Indonesia. Right now, she lives in Surakarta, Indonesia. It's been long time for her to start blogging. I knew it from her achievement in writing competition "Lomba Menulis Dongeng Nusantara Bertutur" in 2014.

Arinta's blog name.

I wonder why she doesn't use her name as her blog's domain. Instead, she uses Kayu and Sirih.  Kayu means wood and Sirih means piper betle leaf. It's actually a unique name for a blog. I am curious and would love to know the reason behind her blog's domain name.

Arinta's blog template.

Her blog using Simple template from Blogspot with blue sky color dominate it. So much like cloud and very peaceful :-)

Arinta Adiningtyas

Just similar with my earlier review about the standard template using Blogspot, Arinta doesn't remove the navigation bar on top.  What I like from her blog is, very tidy. She puts her short profile, archives, categories and popular posts on the left side of her blog. For me, categories are very important to make the reader easy to find the article based on their interest.

Arinta's profile.

What I cannot find is her full profile. I find it a bit difficult to know about her without about page on her blog. She only writes a short biography on her blog and Googleplus. She should be proud to write about her profile longer. Well, it makes the reader knows about her much closer. I hope she's going to write it after she reads my review about her :-)

Arinta's activities.

Arinta is not only a blogger and writer. As I mentioned above, she is also an entrepreneur. She started her own business in the fashion retail industry in 2014.  She is definitely a multitasking woman :-D You rock Arinta!!

8 thoughts on “Mom blogger Arinta Adiningtyas

  1. About me page memang penting ada di blog. Minimal tentang data diri, niche blog, prestasi blogging & yang relevan (kalau ada) dan how to contact me. Nice review, mbak Esther

  2. also you Esther..both of you are a rock!
    I think blogspot navigation is not bad, coz we dont need to put search coloumn as extended widget. But for me, I prever to not used, hehehe

  3. For the first time, I thought it was Kapur Sirih, then I read again ohh it’s Kayu Sirih. Everyone started to find out what is the meaning of Kayu & Sirih (literally). But, we’re waiting for your story about Kayu & Sirih, mbak Arintaaa 😀 hehe

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    lho. Terimakasih ^_^

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