Did you celebrate Valentine’s day this year?

I see it some people out there against it because of their beliefs. The idea of Valentine’s day is also scared off some people when they are single. I will not discuss it if the reason you do not celebrate it is because your beliefs. For me, 14 February is the day for celebrating love instead of just Valentine’s day. It is been 2 years I never even mentioned Happy Valentine in my social media, I will just reply the same text “Happy Valentine” to anyone who sends me the wishes. Therefore, this is my opinion and my experience about it.

I love the idea of celebrating love. I think this world needs more of it. It can be a way to reduce hatred. Everybody just think about love for a moment, being so romantic with his or her couples or even their friends and family.  It is good to have reminder about to love even though we know that we have to love every single day in our life.

So, what can you do as a single woman on Valentine’s day? I am sure some single women prefer to stay home when so many couples going out to celebrate it. Moreover many restaurants and shopping malls decorated their places with full of sign of love with pink and red color.

I am single at this time and the worst thing was my plans on 14 February cancelled by my friends and someone in the last minute. Instead of whining about it and staying home, I decided to take risk to go out there just by myself looking for a place that celebrate Valentine’s day. I would love to join the crowd. I chose a restaurant with a bar that has Valentine’s day decoration. I found one and went there to have dinner and drinking wine. All the tables were full, lucky that I still got one empty chair in the bar so I sat there. I saw it most of them are couples. The girls wearing pink dresses and brought roses. I was just alone. Does it sound sad?


[pullquote]It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone. Go out there, join the crowd, and meet other singles who also take risks to meet other singles because luck is just an attitude.[/pullquote] Not so long, there was an attractive guy just by himself entered the restaurant and sat the opposite of me. It took a while until he realized that I was alone too. I was glad when he took risk to say hello and sat next to me when a couple next to me left. We get along really well because we both knew it was Valentine’s day which everybody went out with their couples and we were out alone. We finally spent the evening together and had a good time, most of the time we were just laughing together. He was my funny Valentine. He saved my Valentine’s day.

I got lucky on this Valentine’s day to be with someone who is kind, fun, and attractive because I chose to stay positive and took risk to go out and join the crowd whatever happened. Otherwise, I will not have something special to tell on this special day when the world celebrated love.

We Were Lonely My Valentine

along a pavement of loneliness
you towards me
and I towards you
unknown celestial bodies eclipse at night

we pass and our gravity of loneliness
brings us together
so close to touch
but not close enough

your presence draws my heart
and I feel you can’t pull away
from gravity we stargaze
our loneliness orbits
and companionship to fill the black void

we touch and our solitude
evaporates into the stratosphere
and the night is secluded
I take you as a lover
and you take me as yours
we enter the expanding universe at its core

the night to linger in our arms
we feel humanity
as humans share
we need each other
as strangers share
we feel included and wanted
for one night only we are true lovers

one last kiss my Valentine
celestial bodies continue on their extraterrestrial journeys
as I walk in the breaking dawn
along the pavement of loneliness
I know loneliness can be confined
― R.M. Romarney