I am a proud vegetarian

February 6, 2016

I have never think that I am going to be a vegetarian…

I used to eat meat, chicken and sea food since I was child like most of us. Until one day I saw a sheep cried before he was killed. That time I started to feel guilty anytime I was going to eat meat. Eventually I stopped to eat lamb but still enjoyed eating chicken and sea food.

However I just didn’t feel right anytime I ate meat. The turning point when I was in the high school, I decided to be a vegetarian. I didn’t have anybody around me to talk to about it. I didn’t have phone or internet either so I couldn’t look up any information. I couldn’t be a vegetarian for that long, I still tempted to eat chicken and sea food. Moreover when there’s no other choice at home to eat.

In 2011 when I moved to Bali I felt the desire to be a vegetarian again. Anytime I went to restaurants and going to eat chicken or sea food I had to ask the waitress/waiter to cut the head of them. I felt so guilty when I saw those heads before I ate. One time when I was in a restaurant and I didn’t have any choice rather than shrimps, so I ordered that. When the waitress served it in front of me, I saw a whole of those shrimps complete with their little heads and small eyes. I saw those little animals so cute and saw me like asked me not to eat them. I couldn’t eat the shrimps. I didn’t eat it. I only ate the rice and left the restaurant with a huge desire to be a  100% vegetarian. I had tremendous emotion I faced by myself for years.

I started to talk to my friends and the people I meet in Bali that I actually have a desire to be  a vegetarian. There’s always pros and cons. Until one day I met a friend who’s been a vegetarian since he’s a baby because his Grandparents and his Parents are vegetarian. I saw him really healthy and a bit overweight. I was wondering how can he’s overweight without eating any meat? I was having a deep conversation with him about becoming a vegetarian. He enlightened me by his life experiences, how he feels about animals and how it gives impact to his soul. I went home and cried. I knew that I really have to make a decision.

2 days later my good friend Rob Stoutjesdijk suddenly sent me a video link from YouTube about a little girl’s dream who wishes  that kindness is the only one language in this universe where there’s no more cruelty including to animals. I watched one video to another. It’s all about vegetarian world and how to become a vegetarian can help to reduce global warming. I got a lot of information that finally lead me to decide to be a vegetarian. It was on 24th December 2015. I had the courage to decide to live as a vegetarian. It’s totally different. I was ready and knowledgeable when I made the decision. It wasn’t only emotional waves, but it’s a mature decision.

I finally have reached the decision to be a 100% vegetarian. No more eating & using dead animal products.I realised that we are all so programmed to eat animals. I also believe that kindness is the universal language. Whoever we are want to be treated with respect, including animals.

I don’t cook so I always having meal out of house. Actually I was struggling to find vegetarian food in the restaurants especially in the local restaurants or “warung”.  Two days after I decided to be a vegetarian I went on a date in a restaurant. When I saw the menu I couldn’t find any food without any meat rather than two kind of pizza! A pizza with cheese and tomatoes only 😀 The guy who was with me was planning to have steak but he canceled after he knew I was just decided to  be vegetarian, he ended up ate vegetarian pizza too! It was a veggie pizza date 😀

mozarella pizza
                                              Mozarella Pizza

It took only a week or two that I realized I gained weight 1 kg. I was so amazed. I was thinking I might lose weight as a vegetarian but I wasn’t. It makes me happy even more. I feel day by day that my soul feels lighter and happier. I feel good about myself every time I see animals. And today I am so happy to  announce myself as a very proud vegetarian.

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

Hello, I am Esther! An Indonesian woman who married a Finnish man and lives in Finland. I am a vegetarian and blogger. I have a Bachelor's degree in education and I am a certified trainer. In addition to helping people through blog posts, I also share some of my personal life here.
Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

  • Semoga sukses dengan hidu sbg vegetariannya. Saya belum sejauh itu. Sekarang masih struggling mengurangi (belum sanggup menjauh) gula dan karbo. Semoga kita sama-sama sehat ya 🙂

  • Great step you took, my great friend! And very well written post… GBU <3

  • Hebat mbak bisa beralih ke pola hidup vegetarian. Ubah tubuh tetep sehat dan bugar ya mbaj 🙂

  • hehe, daging itu enak lo mbak ......

  • Keren, usahanya untuk hidup sehat. Saya sementara ini baru memulai food combining, belum bisa menjauhkan diri dari karbo dan protein hewani.

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