How to handle rejection in dating

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Rejection happens to everybody. It does not matter who you are. Where you are from, how attractive you are, or how much you have. Do not take it personally or questioning what is wrong with you. Understand that not all the people will like you, but there are many people will want you.

People sometimes make bad decisions or it might be the best decisions. It is possible also that we meet the right person in the wrong time. That is why it is very important to respond rejection with kindness. Always speak in the place of loving. We do not need to talk bad or attack someone who rejects us. Because we never know, what future will bring. Moreover, if you both live in the same town, there is big possibility for both of you to meet again somewhere.

There are times in our life we rejected great people, we let go of great things. I rejected great guys too and got rejected as well. These are some stories of rejections I got in dating:

  • A guy who gave me his phone number but never reply my text message.
  • A guy who chose someone else over me. When he told me that, I just wished him to be happy. Long after that, he told me that he broke up and we started to communicate again.

Dating is supposed to be fun. You cannot and will not win them all.

These are the stories when I rejected two different guys with different responses:

  • I rejected a guy when I was not sure that moment. I told him that I just wanted to be friend. He calmly said that he was glad that I was honest telling him what I felt. The dating scene with him ended nicely. After a year, I met him again accidentally in a local community and realized he is such a great guy. After that meeting, we started to communicate again.
  • Another story, I met a guy trough online dating apps. After few conversation with this guy, I discovered that we were not going anywhere but just friend. I told him about it and I stayed away from him. When I did not really respond his text messages anymore, he got mad and sent me rude text message. Because his response was rude, it was not only our dating scene ended but also there is no possibility for us to communicate again in the future.

[pullquote]Rejection is temporary but regret is lifetime. [/pullquote]The fear of rejection should not stop you on finding your soul mate. Just because someone rejects you does not mean that you stop trying, it takes a while to find the right person to be in a relationship with. You have to put yourself out there so you can meet people who like you. Take small risks everyday. Imagine if you are nearly dying, you are going to regret more of the things you did not do. Fear of regret more than rejection.

Rejection is not very good. Sometimes it is not your fault; anybody can lose interest at anytime. It means that person is not the right one for you. The right person will not lose interest. They will pursue you; they want to be with you. The right person is the person that chooses you not just the person who has the quality that you like. The purpose of your love life is to find someone who cherishes you and loves you as much as you love him.

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen


Esther is a vegan and strives to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


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