The advantages and disadvantages of college relationships.

College is not only a place to study for college students. It can be a place to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. From organisations to events are potential ways to meet them. The chances are limitless. Like anything, college relationships  have advantages and disadvantages. These are my ideas, please add more in the comment if you have other opinions.

The advantages :

  • You have many friends in the college but you always have someone who is gonna be with you in the break time.
  • Sometimes, you face challenges in the college, whether it’s about your assignments or with your lecturer, you have his shoulder 🙂
  • You have supporter along the way in your journey of achieving your degree and you can be the one too.
  • Some relationships that started in the college ended in  a wedding. So, why not to give it a try!

Disadvantages :

  • If you don’t have good time management, your relationship might cause you less concentrate to your study.
  • You are in relationship with the risk of break up anytime and you still have years to go to study in the same college with him.
  • If one of you are get jealous very easy, the chances are you gonna  limit yourself from broaden your social circle in the college.
  • Either your parents or his will not agree with the idea of college relationships. Especially if your parents are funding your college tuition.

Alifia Seftin OktriwinaMy blogger friend, Alifia Seftin Oktriwina is actually in a relationship in college now. She met her boyfriend in an event. She was the Master Ceremony while her boyfriend was the time-keeper. Since they met in the event, they kept communicating and finally dating! She said that her relationship is all fine and gives positive impact to her study. She doesn’t think about  marriage because she is more concern on pursuing her degree now.

Well, good luck for your study and your love life, Awin. College relationship can be fun, as long as it doesn’t ruin your study.