College relationships

The advantages and disadvantages of college relationships.

College is not only a place to study for college students. It can be a place to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. From organisations to events are potential ways to meet them. The chances are limitless. Like anything, college relationships  have advantages and disadvantages. These are my ideas, please add more in the comment if you have other opinions.

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3 keys to a healthy relationship

3 keys to a healthy relationshipThere is no normal or not normal in life. There is only things that we can accept and cannot accept. Especially in a relationship. If you have something particular that you like but it’s not common and it might something that your partner will not agree with. Then you have to be honest, open and communicate what you want to your partner. If there is disagreement, either you or your partner have to compromise or find someone else who can accept it. Only by openness, honesty and communication we can have a healthy relationship. No lies. No hiding something. ~ Esther Ariesta

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