3 keys to a healthy relationship

There is no normal or not normal in life. There is only things that we can accept and cannot accept. Especially in a relationship. If you have something particular that you like but it’s not common and it might something that your partner will not agree with. Then you have to be honest, open and communicate […]

How to handle rejection in dating

Rejection happens to everybody. It does not matter who you are. Where you are from, how attractive you are, or how much you have. Do not take it personally or questioning what is wrong with you. Understand that not all the people will like you, but there are many people will want you. People sometimes […]

Luck is an attitude

Did you celebrate Valentine’s day this year? I see it some people out there against it because of their beliefs. The idea of Valentine’s day is also scared off some people when they are single. I will not discuss it if the reason you do not celebrate it is because your beliefs. For me, 14 […]

Being single is a big opportunity

Are you single right now and feel so terrible?  Because the fact is all your family members and your friends are in relationships except you. Instead of feeling bad about it, there are some ways to make your single life as an opportunity for you to become a better person and enjoy the process of […]

Love is not enough

Love is not enough to make a relationship work – it needs compatibility and it needs commitment. Falling in love is the easy part, but building a healthy relationship takes hard work. Finding a partner with whom you are compatible, as well as one you love, is the formula for a healthy, lasting relationship.

What is love?

What love is? What makes me thinking of you day and night? What makes me put your happiness as important as mine? What makes me do something for you without expecting anything in return? What makes me see you as the only one person in this world? Is it love?

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