One day in Helsinki Finland

Yesterday 31st of March was my birthday. My husband and I decided to spend one day in Helsinki Finland. We didn’t plan so much. I only looked at some pictures on Instagram about Helsinki. I found some interesting places and put it on my list. We went to Helsinki by train from Tampere. Our train […]

Trip to Finland from Indonesia

The story of my trip to Finland from Indonesia Visa to Finland Part of the story of my trip to Finland is absolutely the visa. As Indonesian, I find that it’s not that easy to apply and to get a schengen visa . I have to submit additional documents to apply for a visa to […]

DJ Rob Soundz follows vegan lifestyle

The differences between vegetarian and vegan To avoid confusion, allow me to first mention the difference between two commonly used terms: vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarian is basically a diet – it implies not eating the meat of any dead land or sea animals. Mostly people choose this diet for health reason. Vegan is considerably different […]

I am a proud vegetarian

I have never think that I am going to be a vegetarian… I used to eat meat, chicken and sea food since I was child like most of us. Until one day I saw a sheep cried before he was killed. That time I started to feel guilty anytime I was going to eat meat. […]

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