One day in Helsinki Finland

Yesterday 31st of March was my birthday. My husband and I decided to spend one day in Helsinki Finland. We didn’t plan so much. I only looked at some pictures on Instagram about Helsinki. I found some interesting places and put it on my list. We went to Helsinki by train from Tampere. Our train […]

Trip to Finland from Indonesia

The story of my trip to Finland from Indonesia Visa to Finland Part of the story of my trip to Finland is absolutely the visa. As Indonesian, I find that it’s not that easy to apply and to get a schengen visa . I have to submit additional documents to apply for a visa to […]

DJ Rob Soundz follows vegan lifestyle

The differences between vegetarian and vegan To avoid confusion, allow me to first mention the difference between two commonly used terms: vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarian is basically a diet – it implies not eating the meat of any dead land or sea animals. Mostly people choose this diet for health reason. Vegan is considerably different […]

3rd wedding anniversary

How to celebrate 3rd wedding anniversary The function to celebrate wedding anniversary is to remember either it is the promises you’ve made, the sweet memory of your wedding day, or also a chance to change your wedding ring. It brings spark in your marriage life that caught in the routine. You can celebrate wedding anniversary […]

College relationships

The advantages and disadvantages of college relationships. College is not only a place to study for college students. It can be a place to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. From organisations to events are potential ways to meet them. The chances are limitless. Like anything, college relationships  have advantages and disadvantages. These are my ideas, please add […]

3 keys to a healthy relationship

There is no normal or not normal in life. There is only things that we can accept and cannot accept. Especially in a relationship. If you have something particular that you like but it’s not common and it might something that your partner will not agree with. Then you have to be honest, open and communicate […]

Saying I love you everyday

Why you should say I love you everyday? It is very common for couples in their new relationships to say I love you to their partners. It happens usually in the beginning of relationship or marriage where both man and woman compete to say I love you and I love you more. However, it is […]

Mom blogger Arinta Adiningtyas

Indonesian female blogger, Arinta Adiningtyas. This time I have chance to get to know about Arinta Adiningtyas. She is a Mother, entrepreneur, writer and blogger originally from Purworejo, Middle of Java, Indonesia. Right now, she lives in Surakarta, Indonesia. It’s been long time for her to start blogging. I knew it from her achievement in […]

How to handle rejection in dating

Rejection happens to everybody. It does not matter who you are. Where you are from, how attractive you are, or how much you have. Do not take it personally or questioning what is wrong with you. Understand that not all the people will like you, but there are many people will want you. People sometimes […]

Luck is an attitude

Did you celebrate Valentine’s day this year? I see it some people out there against it because of their beliefs. The idea of Valentine’s day is also scared off some people when they are single. I will not discuss it if the reason you do not celebrate it is because your beliefs. For me, 14 […]

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