Pengertian cinta

Cinta adalah reaksi kimia di otakmu. Cairan-cairan kimia inilah yang membuatmu merasa senang, reaksi cairan kimia ini tidak akan bertahan selamanya. Perasaan dan emosimu berasal dari otak bukan dari jantung atau hatimu....

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Love is not enough

Love is not enough to make a relationship work – it needs compatibility and it needs commitment. Falling in love is the easy part, but building a healthy relationship takes hard work. Finding a partner with whom you are...

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What is love?

What love is? What makes me thinking of you day and night? What makes me put your happiness as important as mine? What makes me do something for you without expecting anything in return? What makes me see you as the only one...

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Sundown circle with Gilles Peterson

It was an amazing Sunday in Potato Head Beach Club Bali for celebrating Sun Down Circle first anniversary. My first time to listen this kind of music from Gilles Peterson. It sounded weird for the very first time I listened to...

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