Being single is a big opportunityAre you single right now and feel so terrible?  Because the fact is all your family members and your friends are in relationships except you. Instead of feeling bad about it, there are some ways to make your single life as an opportunity for you to become a better person and enjoy the process of being single. By becoming a happy person we attract people in our life.

Here they are:

  1. Sharpen your skills.

It is the time you invest your time to enhance your skill set and be good at it. For example, you can join salsa dance, singing class, public speaking class, learning new language or whatever it is. Simply learn something new.

2. Socializing with everyone.

Often we don’t have a chance to come in any invitation from our friends because we were spending time with our boyfriend. When we are single, it is the right time to say “yes” more to any invitation. It’s the time to socializing with everyone out there.

3. Time to love yourself more.

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Being single is the time to do things for yourself. It’s the time to be your own best friend and enjoying your own company. Go to dinner by yourself, go to movie by yourself. In another word, date your self, this way so you can  appreciate who you are, not for who you are with. People used to feel so uncomfortable if they go all alone, when no one to talk to, it feels weird and awkward. When you practice that, you get comfortable, you own the room, you don’t need someone to talk to. You have peace with yourself.

4. Explore the world.

It doesn’t need to go to travel overseas because perhaps you don’t have much time or money for it. You can start explore the city where you live in. Find different great places to hang out once a week out of your area and explore the places. There are places around us good for new adventure.

5. Work out.

Sometimes we get lazy to work out when we are in relationship because we get so comfortable with our boyfriend, moreover if we have a partner that doesn’t support our healthy lifestyle. It’s the time to commit to attend many classes and to do the work out consistently. It makes you look better and sexier. So you feel better and become an attractive person.

6. Flirting time.

This is what I like most of being single ^^ I can flirt to any guys I find attractive. Instead of thinking that no one wants you right now, it is much better to think that you have options for your love life. So take risk to give compliment to any guys you find attractive.

7. Give more time to family and friends.

We’ve been spent so much time with our boyfriend so we don’t really have time for our family and friends. When we are single is the best time to spend more time and reconnect with them.

8. Reconnect with your vision.

[pullquote]Men attracted to women who are driven and committed to their vision not just someone to save.[/pullquote] Sometimes we got lost in relationship, we become unclear with what we want because we fall in love and get comfortable. Years gone by, we questioning what was our dreams and goals. Now time to reconnect with our vision professionally and personally. Being clear on what you want for your next relationship not just being in relationship. Make yourself proud and having so much value. So you have so much to share when you are in relationship again. It is also smart to be fulfilled outside of your partner.

9. Set new schedule.

Often we think that being single means we can hang out all the time until very late, party and drunk. In fact that it’s much better to set new schedule and become morning person. Doing activities and fun in the day time so we can meet wonderful and better quality people. We will also have more romantic story if we meet people in the day time rather than meeting people at 3 AM and drunk.

10. Do things you love.

Just do the things you used to love doing. When we are in relationship, we used to do what our boyfriend wants or sometimes just relax very comfortable enjoying his company. We don’t really make the time to do things we love. This is the time to do your hobbies.

A happy life is not about chasing a man or even having a man, but about being the best woman you can be. – Mandy Hale