How to celebrate 3rd wedding anniversary


The function to celebrate wedding anniversary is to remember either it is the promises you’ve made, the sweet memory of your wedding day, or also a chance to change your wedding ring. It brings spark in your marriage life that caught in the routine. You can celebrate wedding anniversary from the first year, second and 3rd year wedding anniversary. The question is how to celebrate 3rd wedding anniversary? Here is my lists, please add more in the comment below, if you have one.

  1. Set up for a romantic dinner together. Especially in the restaurant you were dating for the first time.
  2. Wedding anniversary party. Invite close friends or just family member.
  3. Watching your favorite movie at home or in the cinema.
  4. Walking down to the beach and enjoy sunset together.
  5. Visiting your parents and parents in law.
  6. Travelling to another country or another town.
  7. Staying in a hotel together.
  8. Doing outdoor activities together.
  9. Buy new wedding rings.
  10. If you can’t go anywhere, simply just exchanging gifts.

3rd wedding anniversary gifts

If you wonder what gift you should give on 3rd wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is from leather. However for ethical reason, you shouldn’t buy leather made from animals. For example, you can give synthetic leather wallet, synthetic leather laptop, watch, personalized bracelet, personalized synthetic leather luggage tag, synthetic leather key chain or synthetic leather journal.

3rd wedding anniversary story

Rani R. Tyas, Indonesian female blogger has story on her blog about how she celebrates her 3rd wedding anniversary. She spent her time with her husband and remembering the moment they met and decided to marry. Even though she didn’t exchange any gifts with her husband, she felt so grateful that she has reached the 3rd year of marriage. The moment she spent with her husband was so precious and gave spark to her love life. Celebrating 3rd wedding anniversary can be very simple yet so meaningful.