3 steps to make a new year’s resolution

December 19, 2015

Do you make new year’s resolution this year?

Well, so many people don’t and some of them, they don’t believe it works!

It’s because they know they will not follow trough like last year. We don’t want to make ourselves disappointed because we can’t make it happen. So, why even bother to set new standards for this year if we  know it’s gonna be the same as last year?

But do you know the reason why so many people want to make new year’s resolution?

It’s an interesting question 🙂 

Why in the beginning of the year we have tradition to make a resolution? But actually it goes beyond tradition, it is inside of us that wants to make things better. And the calendar gives us the idea that we got fresh start. We start from fresh so we got the victory.

Calendar is quite obituary. It is wonderful to use it but if you don’t use it effectively, it doesn’t change anything. Let’s use the calendar to serve you today.

Let’s see what it really takes to make things happen. Because there’s no denying there’s inside of you the only thing that make you happy is having your experience on a regular basis you feel like your life is making progress. [pullquote]The secret of real happiness is progress. Progress equals happiness. If we make progress on a regular basis we feel alive. Progress is aliveness.[/pullquote]

Getting things are not gonna make you happy. It doesn’t matter what you get, doesn’t matter whether if it’s money or opportunity. All of these things might excite you for a moment. Even a magnificent relationship, it’s maybe exciting for a while but if you don’t keep growing that relationship doesn’t stay excited.

That’s why in the beginning of the year we make new year’s resolution because we feel like we got fresh start. We can really do what our soul desires, we can expand, we can grow, we can improve, we can change. And better than change we can make progress.

[pullquote]Change is automatic but progress is not.[/pullquote] You don’t need to work on change. Your body is gonna change, whether you want it or not by the years go by. The economic is gonna change no matter what is you gonna do. The weather is gonna change. Relationship is gonna change. Everything in life is always change. We don’t need to work on change.

So if you wanna make real progress, then you need to look at your life in the different way. You have to say : I am going to take control of this process.

What does it take to make the lasting change in your life to have new year’s resolution you follow trough on?

  1. The fundamentally is the same the first step is you got to have a compelling vision, a vision for what it is you truly really want. Not what you think you want or what you should have.

    Most people make new year’s resolution : I am going to stop eating sugar, I am going to stop smoking, I am going loose few extra pound. The problem about it, this is not really inspiring for most people. It’s not telling you what you are going to get, It’s only telling you what you are not going to do. It’s kind of hard to move forward with that. A vision is what you create. A vision that really works is the one that excite you. It has to be compelling vision. It has to be the power to pull you. Having something so exciting. So attractive. Something you desire so much. That you find hard time to get to sleep at night and so up early in the morning, you rock it and take it to the next level. It has to be a vision that compelling.

  2. Along with that compelling vision, you got to have strong enough reason that you are going to follow trough when the situation get tough, to push your self trough to be necessary to get that dreams, to get that goals when there are challenges come up. You don’t let the fear take you over when you got strong enough reason. Those reasons can be negative or positive. If I don’t do this, this is gonna cost me. And if I do this, this is what I am gonna gain in my life. Reason comes first, answer comes second.

  3. The third step is you gotta feel it and review it everyday.        Have you ever been in your life that you really want something so badly that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? It could be a career move, a car, a relationship or an outfit. It could be anything. But you are obsess. You wanna make this happen, you wanna attract this into your life.

    You just want something, you don’t even know how to get it. But it’s so compelling, you keep thinking about it everyday, you imagine it, you feel it and then stuff happen, and suddenly you attract people  or situation to your life and it’s just came together. You don’t even have a total plan. It was just so apart with your focus with so much intensity and emotions so often that brings you to get you there.

    There’s part of your brain, it calls the areas, that part of your brain determine what your focus in the world. It is really important because when you set a goal, when you clear with your vision and you have enough reason and you review it enough and becomes a part of you that part of your brain says anything related to this I need to notice.

    Do you ever going to buy a certain of car or outfit and then you see that car or that outfit everywhere? You know that car is always around but why you see it now? Because your areas know, this is important, this is part of my world now.

    Similarly when you get clear with your vision and it’s compelling, you have strong enough reason and you review it everyday, you feel it, the brain become incredibly noticing to get you to move forward. And that’s the power.

If you resolve = You have compelling vision + You have strong enough reason that will push you trough the tough times + You review it daily and you feel it = You experience it. You make the change, make that happens. Simple as it sounds.

Ultimately if you wanna make lasting changes in anything you really have to raise your standard and live them.

Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

Hello, I am Esther! An Indonesian woman who married a Finnish man and lives in Finland. I am a vegetarian and blogger. I have a Bachelor's degree in education and I am a certified trainer. In addition to helping people through blog posts, I also share some of my personal life here.
Esther Ariesta-Rantanen

  • Thanks for sharing. 3 ways is enough. The important thing is to realize it 😀

    • Thank you Riawani. Yup agree to you the important this is our action, indeed. xo

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